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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Earth is Better than Pandora

Last night I was watching Seaquest on Netflix.  We had a storm coming through, not a bad one at all, but still some lightning and thunder.  I decided to turn it off and sit for a while. We have an overhang on our patio so I pulled the blinders open and even opened the sliding door so I could just listen to the rain and thunder and watch the lighting.

While I sat there listening, watching, and having a moment enjoying creation, I thought of some of the scenes from Avatar. I love the Hallelujah Mountains and the colors of the forest in the movie. So much beauty...but still it was only made by humans with computers to make a movie.

I think we sometimes forget how amazing this planet is. We get so focused on our entertainment, but there is so much to explore in the real world.

In Genesis 1 God keeps saying "it is good" over and over. He uses the nature he created for examples in the Bible constantly.

I live next to Lake Michigan. I can walk there on some trails in around 20 minutes or half an hour. I have spent two summers in National Parks (Shenendoah and Smokey Mountains). While I was in the Smokeys we went to a part of the park where millions of fireflies come each year for about two weeks. They light up almost in sequence with each other. I have seen natural beauty in Ireland, China, Croatia, Slovakia, Switzerland and Jordan.

There is still so much I have not seen! Even in the parks I was in I did not see all that there was to be enjoyed. I have not seen the Grand Canyon or the Tetons or Old Faithful. I have yet to walk in the natural beauty of New Zealand and Australia.

With all of our fandoms and entrainment we need to remember that God has done an awesome job creating this planet. We need to explore and enjoy it. But then...we need to praise Him for it.  Actually, WITH it. All of creation worships God in some way.  When asked to stop his followers from praising Him, Jesus said "If they stop, the rocks and the trees will cry out!"

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