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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Set a Good Example you feel like there have been a lot of bad examples of Christians out there? I do. I feel like I have at times been a bad example. When I was unkind or just kept focusing on what I wanted.

Our media likes bad examples, right? People keep showing pictures of Christians protesting in ways that don't help anyone and have no real conversations involved.

We do need to stand our ground on certain issues. That Christ is the way to God. That marriage is heterosexual. That abortion is wrong. These things need to be said...but do we need to say them the ways that we often do?

Some things we can give on (such as homosexual couples being able to file join taxes; does that really hurt us for them to be able to do that?). But do we need to make such big deals out of things? Jesus clearly stated in Matthew 19 that marriage is heterosexual, but he didn't ever refuse to have a conversation with anyone. He never picketed events. He did have righteous anger (he very physically and violently threw out the moneylenders at the temple), but this was rarely something that controlled His actions.

Today I watched the video of a panel from Comic-Con, it was one of the Nerd HQ panels (The Awesome Woman's Panel...I slightly changed the name because I don't like to cuss.) Missy Peregrim did an outstanding job of setting an example of a Christian.  I wish our news media would show more like her. She shared part of her story of being a Christian woman in the field of entertainment and how her parents raised her to care about honesty and integrity.

Let us be against bullying and be honest about what we do not agree with. We can gently speak the truth in love. Let God handle the rest.

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