Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Read Acts

Sorry it has been so long since I last posted.  I keep meaning to post weekly here, but that doesn't always happen.

The last few weeks I've been reading through Acts.  This is part of an initiative of my church to encourage us to be in the Word daily.  We are reading one chapter a day, every day. 

Paul gets warned that he will be in danger if he goes on to Jerusalem.  He goes anyway.  Stephen and James refused to deny Christ,at the price of their lives!  In the end, 11 disciples  gave their lives and John was banished because of their faith in Christ.  Then you add in all the others who did things to help.  Lowering Paul out a window.  Sending Paul off and staying in a dangerous city.

Then you have the miracles God did through and with the followers.  Philip seems to have been instantly teleported somewhere at least once.  Peter and John healing the lame man.  Even Paul was so gifted that people would touch handkerchiefs and other objects of his and be healed!  Peter was so filled with the Holy Spirit that his shadow would heal people.  Then you have the angel walking Peter out of jail with the guards right there and not knowing it was happening!

There is so much of what God does that we have not even looked for.  Certainly we must be wise in how we do it.  But as nerds/geeks we often talk about powers and amazing events, but are we really asking God for them? 

Have you read Acts lately?  Give it a try and then start praying and looking for opportunities to lovingly and gently share Christ.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Water Dancing and Running

I just came across this post from GeekRest.com featuring a commercial for what I think is a bank based in either Hong Kong or Singapore.  They add a substance to a swimming pool so people can run and dance and such across it.

The line "you can do more than just walk across water" caught  my attention.  This is obviously a reference to the experience Jesus shared with Peter of walking on water.  You can find the story in Matthew 14:22-36.

In the video they were dancing, playing soccer and running on the water.  Some things didn't work, such as standing still or riding a bike. 

As we begin a New Year, think about your relationship with Christ.  Are you walking on water?  Sinking?  Staying in the boat?  I want to swing dance and jump bounce on the water with Christ!

Remember that not all things work.  Jesus called us deeper into life and away from sin.  He challenges us to leave selfish patterns behind us and embrace what He has for us.  Would you dance with Jesus on the water?