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Thursday, June 26, 2014

What I would Change

Sometimes we watch a movie and we love it and would change nothing.  Other times we watch a movie and we like nothing.  Often we find a few things we like and wish we could just change a few things. 

I have a few things I would change: I would have Qui-Gon and Maul survive Episode 1 at least to be in Episode 2.  In Episode 2 we would meet Dooku, but he would be a double agent operating in the ranks of the Jedi. I would have the death of Qui-Gon in episode 2 along with the death of Anakins Mom.  As Anakin would struggle with this the Jedi would be learning of Dooku's treachery.  We would still see Yoda fight Dooku.  We would still see Obi-Wan take down Maul.  That is what I would do. 

In the case of movies, we like or dislike directors and writers.  But we don't really care about their authority. In fact, sometimes we feel someone should not have the authority to do something, such as the choice of bad writing or a choice to make a character from a source material something completely different. Often, the directors and writers really don't care if we like or dislike something,  not in the sense of meeting our needs.

Now the Bible is one story I would not change.  It is a little bit confusing.  I don't understand why God allowed stoning in the Old Testament or why he allows suffering, but I recognize His authority. More than that, I can say He has walked with me through a lot of pain and heartache. 

Job lost an extreme amount. He lost family members to death. He lost his health.  He lost his wealth to raiders and disasters.  Yet he still refused to curse God and still trusted Him.  When He did question God, God said this:

"Where were you when I laid the Earth's foundation? Tell me, if you understand.  Who marked off its dimensions? Surely you know! Who stretched a measuring line across it?"  Job 38:4, 5 God also talks about controlling the stars and the constellations and large beasts.  He is the creator of all and it is not our place to argue with Him.

Would I do things the way God has done them in my life or in the lives of my family? No. I would not. I would not have allowed 2 fires to hit our family homes or certain other things...but God has also used some of these difficulties for good. Because of our recent fire we are getting a new house (which means a Nerd Cave for me!). Sometimes God uses bad for good.  Trust Him.

If you don't understand something, ask God about it.  He is stern, but He is also loving. He has the right to make choices about us and all creation as our creator, but He wants to help you with your questions.

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