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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Pandemic Party!

Greetings Scholars and Warriors.

This weekend Nerd Chapel is excited to collaborate with various other gaming enthusiasts around the world by presenting a Pandemic Party. If you are unaware of this movement, check it out here. They had one big weekend for it back in December, but I was busy that weekend and needed time to pull some details together for our event.

Essentially, we will enjoy the cooperative board game Pandemic and make donations to help Doctors without Borders deal with the Ebola problem. This has already raised over 30,000 dollars for this cause and their goal is to have raised 100,000 by the end of this month.

Jesus is all about helping the needy. Just in the book of Matthew we find Jesus "having compassion" for crowds/individuals at least 4 times. That barely scratches the surface of the miracles He did for people! So when we found out about the Pandemic Parties movement, we could not help but participate!  Admittedly, I missed out on Extra Life back in the Fall so I had no excuse for missing out on this opportunity.

Our party is this Saturday (January 17) at 1:00 at All Shores Wesleyan Church. I encourage you to go to the FB page to keep up with all the news/details.

I hope you join us! If you are not in the West Michigan area, please check out to find one near you! If not, then organize one yourself. It can be private or public. It is as simple as inviting your friends over to play and pitching in to make a donation on their web page. Even if you can not attend an event, please go to their site to donate.

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