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Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Greetings.  Sorry I have not kept up with this during Lent as well as I said I would.  I definitely need to keep up with it  more!

That brings something to mind.  Broken promises.  I obviously did not do well on my promise to blog weekly during Lent. Normally I keep my commitments, but I do have dark spots where I have not done well at this.  Then there are the times when I do something for a little while and then stop or when I keep putting it off and eventually someone else does it.

I've been watching Chuck on Netflix for months now and I recently watched an episode from season four where Sarah has to seek help from her dad.  He comes into her life with a lot of failure.  As a professional conman, he had frequently chosen not to be there for her while she was growing up and did go to jail.  During the episode she and Chuck had been conned by a woman pretending to be a wedding coordinator.  The woman had taken all their wedding funds and run off with them.  Then, she goes to seek advice from the only conman she knew well, her father.  Later on in the episode he comes to LA to help her and chuck out with a mission General Beckman had told them to ignore.  They never got their money back, but at the end they get a nice surprise.  Before leaving, Sarah's dad leaves them thousands of dollars to use to pay for the wedding.

The bible takes this issue very seriously.  Jesus said we should never take an oath.  That we should simply say "Yes" or "No."  This encouragement is repeated by his brother in the Book of James.

I'll try to do better at blogging regularly.  What will you do?

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