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Saturday, March 15, 2014


Who are you?  I am not asking how you view yourself or what you think your identity is, but who are you really?  Why do we love the characters we love?  For many it is that they know who they are.  The Doctor knows exactly who he is.  Sure, he still finds limits he didn't realize he had (or does not admit that he has).  But he never questions who he is.  Think about the difference in Clark in "Man of Steel".  He begins not knowing who he is.  He knows he has powers but he doesn't know exactly why.  Many of the flashbacks really are about him finding his identity.

When Loki is talking with his adopted mother in "Thor:The Dark World" she comments that he is "so perceptive about everyone but yourself".  Have you ever felt like that?  Do you see who everyone else is?

Right now identity is a big deal.  Many people are finding their identity in so many things.  Nerds try to find it in our hobbies and in our community.  But should our identity be in what we do?  I think for many of us it is not just in the hobbies themselves, but in the persona equated with the community around it.  We enjoy the community so much that we think our identity is all in this just because we enjoy this and feel safe there.

Genesis says that God looked at the first human he created and said "It is very good."  Then, later, after man fell, after many tried to gain something which could make him more like God, this same God stayed with us.  He loved us enough to send His son into the world to experience death on a cross solely to save us.  So, who are you?  Don't lie about it.  Be honest. 

Your identity is not in your hobbies or your actions or your relationships.  You might be tempted to think that it is in your sins and faults.  Although I encourage you to be honest in these, God sees much more in you! 

You are a child of God.  Simple as that.  As Kalel came from Jorel and the Doctor came from Gallifrey, we come from GOD!  Find yourself in Him. 

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