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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hey guys.

Last week I saw Gravity at the theater with my brother.  This film is about astronauts trying to make it back to Earth after their shuttle was to damaged to use, and essentially destroyed.  What got me is the amount of knowledge they had to use.  They had to know about space stations and escape pods they were not supposed to go to on that mission.

Life is the same way.  We need a lot of information.  We need to know how to tie our shoe laces.  How to cook or fix food.  How to get from place A to place B.  Most importantly, we need to know the Bible.

I have found myself in times of spiritual warfare when I only made it out because of the Word of God and because of some training from a teacher.  The Psalms talk about the Bible being a light unto our path.  What do you need to learn? 

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