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Friday, November 8, 2013


I am sorry I haven't posted in a while.  I meant to and when I had ideas I was focused on other things.  GRRRR.

I also need to apologize for not getting out reminders for the King David Story Challenge.  So far no entries have been submitted.  Therefore I'll be postponing the deadline until December 1st to give it another chance.

This month is such an exciting time to be a nerd!  We have Thor:The Dark World starting in theaters this weekend.  In a couple weeks we have both the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who and the release of Catching Fire.  We just had the release in theaters of Enders Game.  Video gamers are getting excited about BlizzCon this weekend.

I have been reading James a lot lately.  My church is going through a series on it and we are reading a chapter a day from it through the series.  This way we will read James 7 times along with hearing on it at church and talking about it at small group.

I think it is easy for me as a nerd to get caught up in exciting nerd stuff, but keeping caught up in the Word is far more powerful.  Fortunately the Bible is full of things we nerds can appreciate: the logic of Paul, the Poetry of the Psalms, the adventure of Genesis and Joshua, the battles of the Old Testament, the Imagery and mystery of Revelation and Daniel. 

I would like to hear from my audience.  What movies/video games/board games are you anticipating?  What Bible verses are you stuck on and frustrated with?  What is a challenge for you?

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