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Thursday, March 5, 2015

From Fiction to Reality and our Response

Well, this year is starting quite interestingly, don't you think? We have had a lot of crazy things going on that could be out of a science fiction story. Real life is truly an epic story so let us consider some crazy things and what our response as Christians should be.

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This is becoming crazy. I don't think it's Galactus because, well, the movie didn't get his operations quite right and I don't see any gear there. I have wondered about Darksied, but he tends to do things rather....visibly. So far no evil underlings from under the Earth have come forward either.

Scientists have some reasonable and plausible ideas for how these are occurring, but they don't actually know for sure yet. It is a little concerning because we don't have a way to predict them so it could happen any time or anywhere.

Our Response: We should appreciate the mystery and support investigations. God told us right from the beginning in Genesis to "till and keep the Earth". It is our job to take care of the bits of creation we get to interact with. Yet, He doesn't choose to give us all details in the Bible. There are somethings we get to figure out ourselves.

Hey, two "s"s...doesn't that resemble a snakes sound "hissss". Is this the real life Cobra or Venom? Uh...yeah, it kind of is that. ISIS has been taking a lot of ground and some members have reportedly made threats on Rome. They are extremely brutal so they would be more similar to the Cobra in G.I. Joe Resolute. They are not a nation, but an organization or a movement.

Our Response: We need to take this seriously. Be praying for Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Lybia, and the other nations threatened by this evil hoard. Also, we need to be showing concern for the thousands of refugees from this. 1 problem that has resulted from this is thousands of orphaned refugee children in Lebanon. Jesus said his goal was to help the needy and the destitute. Right now that includes these refugees. What we do not want to do is fear and in this case that can be really hard. Remember that God the Father will deal with each ISIS member in due time. God does not want us to fear or worry but to cooperate with Him.

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3. MARS!
So, this is probably the biggest thing from science fiction to be in the process of becoming science fact. Man is setting his sights from Earth to Mars. Not to look at, but to colonize. Many companies and groups have been pushing for this and one company, Mars One, based in the Netherlands, is now working harder to make it work. They held a big contest on You Tube to find people who were willing to spend their lives on Mars. To move there, possibly starting as soon as 2024!

Our Response: This is probably the most dangerous thing ever attempted by man. Going through space way past our moon. Our response should be "Yes!" God loves adventure. Think about how often God calls people to something crazy. He sent a Jewish man to preach to Nineveh and had a fish swallow him when he went the wrong way. He sent Abraham to walk around the world for a while before settling down. But, we must also be praying. I don't know how many things could turn dangerous with this. We are told to "pray without ceasing" by Paul in Thessalonians.

So there you have it. Life and fiction are closer than we realize. But we must respond with a desire to see God glorified and not be scared or pushed away.

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  1. I was saying Al'queda was Cobra since high school!