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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Disagreements, The Doctor, and Falling Skies

So I just watched a episode 9 of the current season of Falling Skies. There were several sets of characters who were in significant disagreement about various things. The two older brothers were arguing. Tom Mason and Anne Glass had a significant argument at one point (after Tom made a crazy decision for the group). Pope and Sara (played by Mira Sorvino) were at odds. Pope found her looking for a pain pill and jumped to the worst possible assumptions.

Most of these pairs had arguments this episode that did not go well. But for Tom and Anne it was different. Tom realized his strong suit and Anne's. His is hope but her's is faith. They both agreed that they needed to cling to one another, despite their disagreements. They came to a deeper understanding of each other in the middle of their argument.

So far the others have not, but I have yet to watch episode 10.

"Deep Breath", the new episode of Doctor Who also showcased disagreements and how to handle them. Clara was having a very difficult time adjusting to the Doctor's regeneration. She felt like she lost someone and wasn't sure who it was she was now with. She also found herself in a heated discussion with Vastra about this whole change. This discussion was fairly fruitful in that both participants came to a closer understanding of each other.

So how do we handle disagreements? They will happen throughout life. That is a sure thing. It is unavoidable.

James 1:19 has some good points about this:

"My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry,..."

Yes, that's right. Now, I will grant you that Tom Mason did not exactly slow down to listen to Anne in their conversation...but she did listen to him, after she had voiced her frustration. It ended very well for them. I am really enjoying watching this relationship unfold. They are learning to recognize each others' strengths and appreciate them, even in disagreements.

Whoever said that nerds are slow to speak has not watched us react to casting announcements. We get really upset and really vocal about the choices we do not like. Yet the reality is that quick anger and quick speaking will not help us build healthy relationships.

James does not say we should never be angry or that we should never speak boldly. He tells us to find out all the information before we do this. Clara was simply asked to give this new generation of the Doctor a good chance. Not to like everything about him.

The important thing is not in winning arguments, but in building healthy relationships. In learning to trust and cooperate together. That is what James is pointing to.

Who do you need to be listening to?

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