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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Endless Wonder

Last night I watched the final episode of Warehouse 13.  Don't worry, no spoilers here today.  I want us to think about the idea from the series of "endless wonder".  The Warehouse stored artifacts from throughout history that have been imbued with differing powers because of various events or from emotions of individuals that really changed history.

Some artifacts were good, others were not so good.  They always had trade off (such as a rope that would heal a person but bring darkness to their soul).  But it was always fascinating to see what they find and the Warehouse never stopped having new items for them. 

This is the interesting thing.  That something new was always around the corner and you could never stop finding something cool or amazing.  The show could have gone on for a couple more seasons without getting old.

Such is life with Christ.  We know from Revelation that there are angels and creatures in Heaven that are always shouting "Holy! Holy! Holy! Is the Lord God Almighty!"  It has been theorized that every time they shout it, they are seeing something new and different in God.  He is eternal and infinite!  There is no end to Him!  The idea of sitting around for eternity and telling God how awesome His might seem boring to some, but yet there is always something new to find.  A new grace to some one or a new miracle or color or creation.  Eternity will be filled with endless wonder and I am looking forward to it.  I hope you trust in Christ and join us for this ENDLESS WONDER!

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